Quiz night at Brit’s

Had a great time at the Asian American Journalists Association’s inaugural pub quiz at Brit’s Pub last Thursday. My team’s ringer was Tom Lee of the Star Tribune. A bright one, that guy. Also, shout out to Brendan Peterson, who somehow sounded out Gloria Vanderbilt as the mother of Anderson Cooper.

Kieran Folliard hosted a round of questions!

We were first out of 21 teams… after one round. Ended in third, which I felt was a nice accomplishment. However, no prize in the winner-take-all competition.

Probably heading out with my friend Laura tonight for a beer. Should be a nice catch-up session. She’s great. She teaches and always has good stories. Thinking about taking the skyway to Amsterdam, then stopping by Wild Tymes after to catch the end of those Wolf Boys. Wild Tymes had a nice ad in City Pages for happy hours, and it appears it has $2.50 Summits, all day, every day. That’s hometown prices. Reminds me of the time my dad bought a $6 Summit at Alary’s and was amazed. Gotta find the right drink in the right bar.


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