No billboards at Rossmor

You know those giant billboards visible from I-35E southbound as you drive by downtown St. Paul? Yeah, one has a digital clock underneath it that *never* has the correct time? And it’s usually advertising Michelob Golden Light?

According to a friend running for the Rossmor Board of Directors, our owners association doesn’t receive any revenues from ad sales on those creaking metal behemoths. Why is this bad? Apparently they are old and poorly maintained (why is the time always wrong dammit?), and when the strong winds blow, supports connected to the building are actually slowly ripping away the brick on the rooftops.

Sure, the birds and bats love to congregate there for twilight feeding feasts, but an urban animal habitat isn’t fair deal for destruction of my home : )

Fact: Association dues have increased by more than 30 percent in the three years I’ve lived in Lowertown. Once the roof gives way, I might be out of here.

Councilman Dave Thune, maybe we should consider beautifying the Rossmor and ridding it of the billboards. Or at least, is there any way to explore potential revenue splits from advertising on the boards to help mitigate any realized/potential damage to the roof?


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