Monthly Archives: April 2012

Art Crawl in photos

Here are a few scenes from a dreary Sunday afternoon during last weekend’s St. Paul Art Crawl. Audio inspiration courtesy of Godspeed You Black Emperor.

An eye-catching fresh sign thanks to the imminent advent of Lowertown light rail.

One of many mysteriously unsettling hallways in the largely unrenovated Jax Building.

More in the Jax Building. OoOooO.

A vista of the First Bank Building from a Lowertown alley.

Union Depot light rail station will one day bring bell-tolling trains.

A street performer serenades outside of Black Dog Cafe.

Parking's allowed on the rails.

Quiet and stillness on a Sunday afternoon in Union Depot.

Light rail tracks, heading toward Cedar, in one of the myriad stages of construction.

The Jax freight elevator is long out of operation. Visitors must climb stairs, making it one of the few buildings not accessible to people who use wheelchairs.