LoTo pro tips

Hey guys,

LoTo pro-tips. I’ll start with 7th Street Place, which isn’t technically LoTo, but it’s close. This summer look for more street performances outside of the Artist’s Quarter, next to Great Waters Brewery. You can take in some smooth jazz horn while on the outdoor patios. Yesterday, a dance troupe was performing with ribbons and white costumes, stopping passersby and gaining the attention of restaurant goers at Wild Tyme and Great Waters. Let’s hope for more of that.

Cedar Street was rendered as desert from lightrail construction the other week.

More tips: Don’t order shots of Jameson whiskey at the Liffey. They are $7.50 a piece. Compare that with the same booze at Liquor Lyle’s in Uptown for $2. You know why they can charge that much for a shot of cheap whiskey (Jameson runs about $18 per bottle)? Because ignorant hammerheads like me come into the bar and say, “Give me a shot of Jame-O with that beer.” Don’t be like me.

Final tip: St. Paul Nice Ride bikes are now in downtown St. Paul. Ride them, enjoy them, but remember the 30-minute ride limit, less you want to pay fees. Get that bike in a dock before 30 minutes! Also, when docking, don’t try to bring the bike in even the slightest bit sideways. I got a yellow light and a ringing last week and I think it glitched my subsequent proper dock because it didn’t register and I was charged a 41 minute trip. I called to complain, was told it was my fault before they finally gave me a refund. Moral of story, don’t get that yellow light. Try to dock correctly the first time, every time.



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