Visible change in the NW Precinct.

I have a confession to make. I don’t technically live in Lowertown. My building is actually in downtown’s Northwestern Precinct, according to Twitter GPS and Google maps.

I live a little east of where it says Northwestern Precinct, a loosely defined area of downtown St. Paul.

Since I moved here in June of 2009, the Penfield sign read “Your view of downtown will change forever this fall” in front of a dilapidated utilitarian looking building. That sign is now gone, the building is gutted, leaving only its cylindrical pillar facade. It looks pretty cool, even cooler when the apartments are in and Lunds is running on the bottom level.

A block away, Cedar Street at 10th has transformed from moderately busy downtown street, to desert construction zone to soon-to-be lightrail stop. The now-becoming-familiar St. Paul-style station skeleton was just built up last weekend. So far, it basically looks like the Robert Street and 12th station, the latter of which is now piping in lights at night. Here is a photo I snapped of it just last Saturday night:

Lights are now running all night at Robert Street and 12th. The station won’t see trains until 2014, though.

In Lowertown, Minneapolis’ Bedlam Theatre announced plans to move into the old Rumors and Innuendo club space. I’m eager to see how that turns out, mainly because Bedlam owners said it will let the neighborhood dictate what the so-called “theatre nightclub” will be. I hope it becomes a type of neighborhood hangout/community space, but I also hope owners/organizers/staff don’t compromise on Bedlam’s oddball tradition.

I didn’t catch the name of this group, but they raged at O’Gara’s side banquet room in front of four people last Saturday night. Maybe they’ll play at Bedlam St. Paul in the near future.


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