Monthly Archives: August 2012

Another building gone along Robert

The old police training facility building is now reduced to rubble at Robert and 10th Street. Meanwhile, little or no visual progress has been made at the future Pedro Park across the street. Note the remaining facade pillars to the left of the frame. It’s a striking hole because you can see the capitol across I-35E now.


Late summer 2012 in photos

Think I could win at an amateur State Fair photo contest? Went on neither of those rides, but did hit The Zipper as deep fried pickles curdled in stomach with milk.

Taking a ride back to the Midway from Machinery Hill.

A healthy fire illuminated an outdoor screening of “Back to School” Aug. 18 in Nordeast.

A quiet massage parlor a few blocks away from the bustle areas of Uptown. The lights prompted me to stop and snap a quick pic.

A beautiful sunset was sailor’s delight Aug. 24 on a friend’s Calhoun-slipped boat.

Harriet Taproom in south Minneapolis Aug. 4. It has a great look and vibe. Nice weather opens the back garage to patio seating. There’s something special about drinking beer directly from its source.

A little night riding after a taproom tour Aug. 4. I had the privilege to be best man in my college bud’s Sean’s wedding. Nailed the speech on the following weekend.

A striking shot from North Loop of brand new Minneapolis in its crystalline late evening state Aug. 4.

“Upown” Theatre, still some two months away from reopening. Shot from Cafeteria rooftop bar after Twins win Aug. 13.