Buzz band at Amsterdam

I filmed about a minute of last night’s Cloud Nothings’ show at Amsterdam in St. Paul. Check it out:

It was the first actual rock show I wanted to see at the bar’s Hall Stage since Amsterdam opened two years back. It was a sparse crowd, evenly spaced out through the room to give the illusion it was bigger than it was.

The cold, clean feeling of these renovated old St. Paul warehouse spaces just is. They have large, sometimes arched windows, high ceilings with exposed new HVAC work, and cold, hard epoxied floors.My condo gives off the same feeling with its exposed brick, hard floor and giant windows. You can feel what I mean at most of the new Lowertown “hot spots:” The “B” Trinity (Barrio, Bulldog, Bin) and now Amsterdam.

Took Amsterdam almost two years to host a buzzy national touring band with Cloud Nothings last night.

Anyway this ambiance feels new, and very St. Paul (there might be places in North Loop that feel similar). But is it the best place for a shredding rock show? Well, no. For that, give me 331 Club, First Avenue or Turf Club down the way. But to not dwell on negative, the band absolutely shredded last night, and I’m seeing a lot of reviews today calling it one of the best “underground” shows of the year. Why underground? Because it was at Amsterdam (a still fledgling local concert venue), on a Sunday night.


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