Laurel Halo 7th Street Entry

While Grizzly Bear played for five hours or whatever in the Main Room, all the *cool* kids at First Avenue Monday night were in the 7th Street Entry for Laurel Halo and Ital. Didn’t catch any of the headliners because Halo’s set ran late and I had to catch the 11:47 94 back to St. Paul, but Halo is who I wanted to see anyway.

Set started slow, with loads of electronic squelching and stuttering beats. It warmed up toward the end, when she dropped a couple tracks with blasting bass lines that drowned out any other sound her table full of cords and consoles were making. Halo sings in a type of monotone cry and maybe picked up her microphone only three times throughout the 40-minute or so set. Her Pitchforked coronation CD “Quarantine” led me to believe she commanded more star power but the project is clearly still very experimental – mostly electronic noise as she bobs along shrouded in blue light twiddling knobs.

Funny and dumb: A guy watching jumped on stage, grabbing the performer’s bottle of Jameson and poured himself a drink. Nothing happened. Very small crowd of U of M weirdos, probably the thinnest I’ve seen at the venue, but not surprising given the bill. It was refreshing after Sunday night in a cramped Turf Club for Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees.


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