Photos from Mexico City

This was outside of Insurgentes Metro Station, two stops west of my hotel. It provides easy access to tourist area Zona Rosa.

This was outside of Insurgentes Metro Station, two stops west of my hotel. It provides easy access to tourist area Zona Rosa.


Metropolitan Cathedral on the north side of the Zocalo. Tours for 13 pesos allow you to climb to the top and take photos from the roof.


She was taking a walk through the park with her friends, looking for a boyfriend. I couldn’t resist.


This was taken from the top of the castle in a large park that anchors a portion of the western edge of Mexico City. The main artery heading northeast is Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City’s effort at a Champs Elysees.


Adventurin, or tourist trappin’ as my brother in law calls it, at Teotihuacan. It’s about a half hour drive northeast of the city.


Glass curtain at Palacio de Bella Artes.


Ivonne and Ivan drove us to Xochimilco with help from a hitchhiker, who provided directions. I’ve never been over so many speed bumps, they are everywhere on snaky roads through the southern portion of the city. Here we are at a cafe in Ivonne’s delegacion, Chalco. It’s about a 70 minute collectivo ride to the city from here. Apparently she uses them frequently, and just prefers to live way outside the city.


The Mendoza sisters were a huge help showing me museums in the park. We’re taking a little train ride up the hill to the castle which was once called home by Maxmilian and Carlota, who seem to be somewhat still revered in the annals of Mexican history.


I tried some premium mezcal at a trap restaurant outside Teotihuacan. Yes it had the worm on the bottom and it was very delicious (the booze not the worm). It tasted like extra-aged with smoke and charcoal tequila. Pip Hanson take note.


These stores are like a cooler Express, and are everywhere in Mexico City. The cool kids go here to shop. Somewhat inexpensive Euro-style.


The morning in Chalco. This is a little public square with stray dogs and morning walkers. I was about to embark on my harrowing collectivo ride, not just because of the aggressive driving and traffic with no seat belts, but a… let’s say unstable stomach… to boot.


Clowning at El Castillo.


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