My Mexico City hotel review

I reviewed my hotel in Mexico City for Orbitz. You can read it below, or check it out on the Orbitz site, it posted the other day:

I was happy with this place for my first stay in Mexico City, but I’ll also make this an honest review. Firstly, the Internet is extremely nice to have if you have devices to help plan and map out your trip. However at times it faded in and out. One night it was frustratingly in and out and streaming video didn’t work, but otherwise it works well enough for e-mail and social media. Ask the front desk for the password (contrasena), before heading to your room. The location of this place is a bit odd. All of the people I know in Mexico City were a bit puzzled as to how to get to this place in a car. If you’re going by yourself and plan on using the Metro, it’s fine, but trying to drive a car through the tiny, narrow streets in this neighborhood can be a time waster. Luis Moya is a nice enough street to walk despite narrow sidewalks. You can walk north to Alameda Park and the Juarez Monument, and then swing over to the historic center and Zocalo, or you can walk south to Arcos (a lively strip with a bunch of streetside food and magazine vendors) on your way to Balderas, which was my Metro stop of choice. Balderas is only two stops east of Insurgentes, a convenient way to get to tourist area Zona Rosa, and the Paseo de Reforma, which has a big American style mall at 222. The room was always clean, and the bathroom was nice and modern. The sheets have a few holes in them, but that’s not a big deal. Unfortunately, they were cleaning and renovating other rooms around mine for a couple of days during my stay, but they were only making noise during the day. The staff is nice, they give you a free bottle of water everyday. There appears to always be someone at the front desk. When you leave, they ask you if you need a taxi, which was considerate. Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, this place doesn’t disappoint. The city sort of comes down to neighborhoods. This one is interesting because it sits between the historic center and its stunning architecture and the more modern, Euro-influenced Zona Rosa. Colonia Centro is more working class and blue collar. It has a bunch of hardware stores and streetside vendors. If you want to see that sort of everyday life, by all means stay here and walk or use the Metro. If you want something right in Zona Rosa, the historic center, or in some other westside neighborhood (Condesa reminded me of nice Brooklyn), then look at hotels there.


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