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How will Penfield affect Northwestern Precinct?

I snapped some photos of the Penfield construction last week.


It’s taking form nicely, with an old facade still standing along 10th Street, and about four stories of the wooden frames of apartments stacking up along 11th Street. That, along with the impending light rail bells about to ring throughout our fair downtown, is giving my recent strolls around these blocks a “transitional” feel, as in a “neighborhood in transition.”

photoOr more aptly, a neighborhood first forming. If and when the Pedro Park gets built, and people are living at Penfield, I suspect a lot of dog owners to congregate at the park, like a mini-Mears. It won’t quite have the quadrangle feel of Mears, but on at least two sides there will be impressive, historical and aesthetically-pleasing building features facing the park. It will be nice to get it established.

I’m not expecting a flourishing Mears Park-style environment for some years, but it will be better than what was at the corner since I moved here, namely a Penfield sign announcing big changes soon that were delayed a half-decade. There still isn’t critical mass to get residents to *want* to walk around outside around here, but hey, it wouldn’t be St. Paul if it did.