I joined downtown YMCA

This junky elliptical I bought several years ago gave out last February, and I was stuck wondering how to get workouts in amid the horror that is Minnesota winters.

Looked at a couple different gym options. Downtown YMCA is fairly close to me in Lowertown, skyway accessible, and $45 a month if I go 12 times (health insurance benefit). Anytime and places like that are cheaper, but I don’t want to drive anywhere.

Anyway, downtown YMCA is pretty good. The facilities are a bit worn, and there aren’t any sparkling atrium-like mega cardio rooms like some YMCAs around the TC, but the four floors offer a variety of exercise options. There’s a pool, hot tub and sauna. On the fifth floor, a running track circles the basketball courts, a feature that is absent in some other newer YMCAs, including Lino Lakes and White Bear Lake. Mainly, I want to be able to run in the winter, not outside and not on a treadmill. Call me a hamster, it’s better than the treadmill.

What else is going down around here? It looks like current hole-in-the-wall The Liquor Vault is going all emporium on us by moving into the old Eisenberg’s space, according to research done by someone who decided to comment on a previous blog post. Btw, shout out to that person for inspiring me to get back on here and keep blogging, I was flagging for a while.

The Penfield project is moving at a rapid pace. The framing and insulation is up on about five stories above the foundation of the future Lunds, and it keeps growing taller. It won’t affect my view of anything but many neighbors have views of the Capitol. I look at Region’s Hospital all day.

Because I didn’t have any pictures for you, I’m inserting this ace footage of the Purity Ring show at First Avenue last Thursday:


3 responses to “I joined downtown YMCA

  1. Thnx for the shout out and glad to see you blogging again. I stopped in the Liquor Vault this week and the guy at the register did confirm they were moving into Eisenberg’s old space. He said they might have a few more wine varietals and cheese. Not optimistic but I’ll hope for the best. That store name really needs to go if they want the wine and cheese crowd.

    In other news, apparently a sidewalk cafe called the Buttered Tin is moving into the old Blink Bonnie space on East 7th. Sounds promising for an area in long need of some retail. The Cocobear pet supply boutique store, which just opened, is also pretty cool.

  2. You’re the one who should host a Lowertown blog. You got the scoop on everything. Not a pet owner, but I’m eager to see what this Buttered Tin place is about.

  3. Looks like Lunds at the Penfield opens May 15 — seems pretty cool. http://www.lundsandbyerlys.com/Stores/Lunds/Penfield.aspx

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