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First look inside Tin Whiskers Brewing

A brewery and taproom is coming to the building I live in (the Rossmor) in downtown St. Paul. The owners of Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. held an open house Saturday to meet neighbors. The guys are three electrical engineers who have basement-brewed for several years in Roseville, but are now launching their taproom in the fairer of our Twin Cities.


Jeff Moriarty (left) and George Kellerman in their new Lowertown St. Paul space. The Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. owners held an open house for friends, family and neighbors Saturday, Dec. 21.

Beer was available for tasting, so I tried the Flip Switch IPA, which contains a variety of American hops and was nicely balanced. The guys said they’re still on track to open in the second quarter of 2014. George said they’re hoping for April if everything goes as smoothly as possible. For now, the owners said they are holding onto their day jobs, joking about how “all the money is in craft beer,” but hey, look at Indeed and its meteoric rise in the local market. It feels like yesterday when I was touring the skeleton of Indeed’s now buzzing taproom in northeast Minneapolis during Art-a-Whirl a few years back. More photos of the space, which looks to be about 3,000 or so square feet with 16-foot ceilings:


The windows out to Ninth Street. Jeff said one of the reasons he liked the space was because of how much natural light the massive Rossmor building windows provide.


The windows out toward the Rossmor back parking lot. Jeff said the majority of heavy brewing equipment will line this back wall, and will be partitioned by the bar and seating area that will be closer to the front windows and Ninth Street.


The owners said this pillar will kind of split the two halves of the space. Behind it will be the brewing equipment, in front of it will be the bar and seating area.


I joined downtown YMCA

This junky elliptical I bought several years ago gave out last February, and I was stuck wondering how to get workouts in amid the horror that is Minnesota winters.

Looked at a couple different gym options. Downtown YMCA is fairly close to me in Lowertown, skyway accessible, and $45 a month if I go 12 times (health insurance benefit). Anytime and places like that are cheaper, but I don’t want to drive anywhere.

Anyway, downtown YMCA is pretty good. The facilities are a bit worn, and there aren’t any sparkling atrium-like mega cardio rooms like some YMCAs around the TC, but the four floors offer a variety of exercise options. There’s a pool, hot tub and sauna. On the fifth floor, a running track circles the basketball courts, a feature that is absent in some other newer YMCAs, including Lino Lakes and White Bear Lake. Mainly, I want to be able to run in the winter, not outside and not on a treadmill. Call me a hamster, it’s better than the treadmill.

What else is going down around here? It looks like current hole-in-the-wall The Liquor Vault is going all emporium on us by moving into the old Eisenberg’s space, according to research done by someone who decided to comment on a previous blog post. Btw, shout out to that person for inspiring me to get back on here and keep blogging, I was flagging for a while.

The Penfield project is moving at a rapid pace. The framing and insulation is up on about five stories above the foundation of the future Lunds, and it keeps growing taller. It won’t affect my view of anything but many neighbors have views of the Capitol. I look at Region’s Hospital all day.

Because I didn’t have any pictures for you, I’m inserting this ace footage of the Purity Ring show at First Avenue last Thursday: